The Environmental Fund of Texas


We envision healthy lands, waters, native plants and animals supported with vibrant, thriving ecosystems throughout our beautiful state.

We believe great things happen when organizations and funders work together for the highest good. 

We are a donor-advised fund comprised of a fund founder, advisory committee, fund director, and grants coordinator. Established in 2017 by G.P. “Buzz” Avery, in partnership with the Austin Community Foundation, we support nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is preserving natural habitats, especially those that are critically threatened. 


Funding Priorities

We support programs aimed at protecting natural water sources, including rivers, streams, lakes, aquifers, and springs, as well as their supporting watersheds. 

A vital component of our mission is supporting the protection and stewardship of ecologically functional natural areas.

Because wildlife in Texas is increasingly threatened, we support projects that pursue innovative strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive.

We support projects that raise awareness of and education about environmental issues to engage citizens and build a future generation of environmental activists.

We support projects undertaken in collaboration with other organizations, particularly those with a comprehensive approach.


Grants Overview

Tier 1: For grassroots and startup nonprofits $2,500 or less

Tier 2: For critical campaigns and inspiring initiatives $2,500 - $12,000

Tier 3: For collaborative initiatives $12,000 - $50,000 (Not available summer 2018)


Apply for a Grant

Before applying for an Environmental Fund of Texas grant, please download and read our full 2018 Grant Guidelines document.

If you determine from our Grant Guidelines that your program is aligned with our funding priorities, you may apply for a grant online.

During our next active grant cycle, click on the link below to enter the Austin Community Foundation’s portal for the Environmental Fund of Texas grant application process. Note that you will be able to share access to the application portal with colleagues, and save your progress for submittal at a later time. 

The grant application deadline for our inaugural grant cycle was August 20, 2018. We will have another grant-making cycle in 2019. 

The Environmental Fund of Texas online grant application portal is deactivated until our next grant cycle in 2019.


We appreciate your interest in the Environmental Fund of Texas, and thank you for the important work you are doing in our state.