East Texas is one of the last strongholds of native prairie and the many unique native plant and animal species that depend on it.


In 2018 the Environmental Fund of Texas was pleased to receive several requests for funding from groups in East Texas. From creating educational materials on hiking trails through native prairies to opposing a reservoir that would impact countless species and threaten already limited water resources in the region, we are in full support of environmental groups protecting East Texas.

One of the groups that our founder has supported for many years and is pleased to support again is the Native Prairies Association of Texas. NPAT restores native prairie on their own land, and promotes restoration on other private and public lands to benefit the native plant communities, grassland birds, and other prairie wildlife of Texas. They additionally provide informational resources and advice to assist in prairie restoration. 

The Environmental Fund of Texas recently gave a Tier 1 level grant to NPAT for creating and installing interpretive signs and making trail enhancements for their Elisabet Ney Museum historic landscape restoration project. To learn more about the Native Prairies Association of Texas visit their website at: www.texasprairie.org

Groups we funded in 2018 serving east texas:

Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT)

Texas Conservation Alliance